Blitz draw Kingfishers

boston_blitz_logo_xsmall They say a draw is like kissing your sister… so, you can imagine how the Blitz feel after kissing their sister… 4 times!!

No kidding… I showed up late last night and witnessed such a disappointing display of sibling love… as your Boston Blitz drew with the Baltimore Kingfishers. I must admit that I expected a win in this match… but, it was not to be.

First, Marc struggled to win a pawn up, bishop of opposite color and Rook endgame… an endgame that even Kramnik would have trouble winning… and failed.

Then Ilya cracked under the pressure of being up an exchange with the better position… and drew.

Vadim added his contribution to our sisterly appreciation night by missing a clear winning line… 30…b4!… and went down drawing.

Finally, Denys kept taking the inferior position in hopes that maybe his opponent would fall asleep… but, no luck… a Shmack! on the cheek draw.

And I had looked forward to such a colorful match! Read ‘em and weep!

Blitz (2 – 2)


Boston Blitz  vs  Baltimore Kingfishers

IM Mark Esserman (BOS) – ½

IM Levan Bregadze (BAL) – ½

IM Tegshuren Enkhbat (BAL) – ½

SM Denys Shmelov (BOS) – ½

NM Vadim Martirosov (BOS) – ½

GM Larry Kaufman (BAL) – ½

NM Andrew Zheng (BAL) – ½

NM Ilya Krasic (BOS) – ½

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  1. Chess says:

    Just saw the game between GM Niclas Huschenbeth and IM Zierk, quite an extra ordinary performance and well deserved victory

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