Eugene Perelshteyn

Eugene became a Grandmaster in 2006 and has since flourished, competing in various US Championships and winning the very strong 2007 Spice Cup. Eugene is also a co-author of two books, Chess Openings for White, Explained and Chess Openings for Black, Explained.


Eugene has a very deep understanding of chess. His ability to play technical positions is outstanding and he is known as one of the best endgame players in the country.

Week 1: (w) Win vs IM Eli Vovsha, 2539
Week 2: (w) Win vs IM Jonathan Schroer, 2429
Week 6: (b) Win vs IM Jonathan Schroer, 2429
Week 7: (b) Draw vs IM Dmitry Schneider, 2510
Week 8: (b) Loss vs GM Boris Gulko, 2609
Week 9: (w) Win vs FM Bruci Lopez, 2480
1/4 Final: (w) Loss vs GM Pascal Charbonneau, 2560
MVP Points: 13
Week 7: (b) Draw vs GM John Fedorowicz, 2540
Week 9: (w) Draw vs FM Thomas Bartell, 2386
Week 10: (b) Win vs IM Eli Vovsha, 2532
Quarter: (b) Loss vs IM Dmitry Schneider, 2508
Semi: (w) Draw vs IM Lev Milman, 2502
MVP Points: 5
Performance Rating: 2494
Week 3: (b) Draw vs GM Sergey Kudrin, 2599
Week 4: (w) Loss vs GM Pascal Charbonneau, 2532
Week 9: (w) Draw vs IM Eli Vovsha, 2505
Week 10: (b) Loss vs IM Bryan Smith, 2421
MVP Points: -5
Performance Rating: 2320
Week 2: (b) Win vs FM Robert Hess, 2369
Week 4: (w) Win vs FM Bryan Smith, 2442
Week 5: (w) Win vs FM Matthew Hoekstra, 2401
Week 8: (b) Loss vs GM Pascal Charbonneau, 2500
MVP Points: 7
Performance Rating: 2646
Week 1: (w) Win vs GM Alex Stripunsky, 2663
Week 5: (w) Win vs IM John Donaldson, 2442
Week 8: (w) Draw vs GM Alejandro Ramirez, 2565
MVP Points: 8
Performance Rating: 2823
Awards: Game of the Week – Week 1